Came to be in and around the seventeenth century. As bull baiting
events declined in popularity and dog fighting escalated in

 It became a mission for the dog fighting fraternity of the day to
come up with a breed of dog that had a more athletic form with a larger more
powerful head and could combine its strength and agility without the having the
draw backs of the larger more cumbersome dogs of the time. 

So the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was conceived from the fighting
dogs of the day crossed with some of the terriers of the time, they proved to be
excellent for the needs of these barbarians of cruel blood sport's and their
sadistic voyeurs.

 This cross these breeders produced was known a "Bull Terrier"or Pit
bull, these dogs were renowned for their tenacity and courage and despite their
unrivaled ferocity in the pit were terrific pets and good with all children
(Hence The Nickname "Nanny Dogs"). 

Although dog fighting and other bloodspot pastimes of the day were
endorsed or patronised by some of the the aristocracy, fighting dogs were also
owned and bred by the poorest of families. 

The pit bull was very popular with working classes where the dogs
were not only matched and fought for cheap pleasure, but a working man could
increase his income greatly with side bets made on owning a champion fighting
pit bull and also when worked their terrier side as a game working dog with
badgers or as vermin control (ratters). 

When the law changed 1835, ( "the humane act ") these blood baiting
sports and dog fighting events became illegal and several men in the
Staffordshire area took their dogs in a different direction and drew a line
between the two so as to preserve their breed of Bull Terrier lines by
introducing them to the show world as Pedigree dogs. 

A Breed Standard was soon written describing what the dog's form
and specs were and this dog was then given the all to well known name The
Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
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